Thursday, January 29, 2009


Today when I was shopping at the grocery store, I saw a very nice 3 lb of pork shoulder in a pack. And so I was thinking of making bak kuah/loong yoke that I have miss so much since I was in America. I did brought some from New York but still is not that good like Malaysia Bak Kuah. Back at home I unpack all my stuffs and started to marinade my ground pork. Those ingredients for marinate are light soy sauce, dark soy sauce, cooking wine, fish sauce and sugar. I marinade them for 3 hours before drying them in the oven.

After the marination time, I brushed some oil on the bottom of a baking sheet and add a bowl of marinate ground pork on it. Then with my hand, I gently pressed the ground pork to a even thin layer. In the oven it go for 15 minutes at 180 F for drying process.

After the drying processed, I cut the bak kuah/loong yoke to small pieces. Then I grilled them at high heat on my indoor grill. Guess what.....the bak kuah/loong yoke turns out to be so deliciuos and so tasty even my kids want to have more.

I'm so happy with the outcomes although this is my first attempt of making it.

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