Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Hakka Hee Pan is a traditional Hakka people kuih which right now being enjoyed by many people in a region. This kuih usually served in Hakka wedding and Chinese traditional ceremonies.

That's the look of the Hakka Hee Pan being mould and waiting for it to proof for another 20 minutes at a warm place.

Hereby is the recipe I would like to share and it can makes about 15 pieces of Hakka Hee Pan.


1 tsp instant yeast
150 g all-purpose flour
125 ml water

150 g all-purpose flour
150 g glutinous rice flour

150 g fine granulated sugar
150 g water
2 pandan leaves, knotted
a few drop of pink coloring

Some banana leaves - greased with some oil


1. Mix all the ingredients (A) for the sponge dough, covered it with plastic wrap and keep it overnight at a warm place so it can proof/rise the next day.

2. The next day, bring the ingredients (B) to a boil. Removed the pandan leaves and set it aside to cool.

3. Mix all the ingredients (A), (B) and (C) together into soft dough by kneading it for 20 minutes. Cover the dough and let it proof/rise for another 4 hours in a warm place.

4. Put enough water in the steamer and bring to a boil. Apply enough oil on your fingers and palms, slowly pull out enough dough (about 50g each) to form a small ball and gently drop them onto greased banana leaves. Let it proof/rise again for another 15 minutes at a warm place.

5. Steamed the hee pan in a moderate heat for at least 15 minutes.

6. Trim the excess banana leaves around the random shape of these steamed buns with a scissor.

This Hakka Hee Pan is good when eat it freshly right after steaming or in the same day. Enjoy!!!


Little Corner of Mine said...

First time seeing this Hakka Hee Pan, I love the color.

Sally said...

Hi Little Corner of Mine:
Thanks for visiting my blog and couldn't believe that you first time see this kuih...coz the place I stayed in Klang and KL have these kuih selling at Pasar Pagi and Pasar Malam =)

FeR said...

Is it possible to over-steam this kuih? How to tell when they are done?
I have an electric steamer and can't control the "temperature" (read somewhere it says steam this kuih over medium heat)

Thanks in advance!

Sally said...

Hi FeR....sorry for the late reply coz I was away to vacation. I mentioned on the recipe above, I called for a moderate heat means medium heat/fire to steamed the buns for at least 15 minutes.

Thank you