Tuesday, March 17, 2009


So this week on March 18 is my birthday......and I decided to make myself some butter cupcakes and top it with some fondant and homemade butter cream. Although is my first time, I still manage to make it right and the color just perfect for me.

These are the cupcakes with homemade butter cream and some sugar pearls

And here are the cupcakes with butter cream and fondant leaves topping

These are my favorite creation of flower fondants


Zue Murphy said...

Happy birthday! May your life filled with happiness and good health. Those are beautiful cupcakes.

Sally said...

Hi Zue....thanks so much for your kind wishes...take care!!!

beachloverkitchen said...

Happy Belated Bday!! your fondant cupcake is really good for 1 st timer!!

Sally said...

Hi Beachlover...thx so much for ur kind wishes.