Sunday, June 5, 2011


I was in an Asian Market and saw this beautiful pork belly with the 5 layers of fats and meats(五花腩) . I brought it home and decided to make my Mom's recipe Braised pork Belly.

Firstly marinate the pork belly and then pan-fried the four corners of the meat. Then put it in a slow cooker to cook.

This is the whole pork belly that being pan-fried on four corners. I pork belly looks too dark and that's because I have over pour my dark soy sauce =P

After the braising at the slow cooker in high for 6 hours, slowly lift up the pork belly and let it cool completely before cutting into pieces to assemble. Look at the texture of's so juicy and delicious.

Assemble the pork belly accordingly on the platter and pour some braised sauce on top.

Served hot with steamed white rice.

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