Friday, May 15, 2009


These are the Gwa Pao more similar to man tao but these pao really soft and yummy!!! My kids are in Taiwanese School of Georgia on the weekend for chinese lessons and I learned that the Taiwanese people really love to eat Gwa Pao with braised pork and filled it with pickled vegetables, finely crushed peanuts and some fresh cilantro. When I tasted it in the first time, it really taste yummy and delicious.

Yesterday I prepared this dish and below are the ingredients I would like to share with my blogger friends.

Gwa Pao - the brand is Chi Mei Frozen Food Co., Ltd.

Pickled Vegetables - sautee with little oil, garlic and some Shaoxing Hua Tiau wine

Peanuts - roasted and finely crushed

Braised Pork Belly - this is my recent recipe on the blog but this time I replaced the water with Shaoxing Hua Tiau wine

Assemble - take the Gwa Pao and spread with some crushed peanuts and then add some braised porks. Finally add some pickled vegetables and some fresh cilantro

Served it hot.

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