Thursday, February 3, 2011


People celebrate around the world as the Chinese Lunar New Year began on February 3. 2011 marks the start of the Year of the Rabbit, according to the Chinese zodiac.

This year while celebrating the new year, I've make a special dish which is so famous in Malaysia, Singapore and Hong called 'Yee Sang' /鱼生 or 'Yu-Sheng' /余升 . It's also considered a symbol of abundance, prosperity and vigor.

To prepare this dish is quite simple but it have a lot of preparations. The ingredients include shredded radish, shredded carrot,finely julienned fresh young ginger, shredded green papaya, shredded green mango, finely julienned green onion, finely julienned fresh chilies, red pickled ginger, sushi pink ginger, thinly sliced sushi grade salmon, roasted crushed peanuts, roasted sesame seeds, fried wanton wrappers, sesame oil, extra virgin olive oil, limes, five spice powder and white pepper.

As for the sauce, you need plum sauce and kamquat paste/Korean citrus tea paste. Mix together and add some sesame oil and hot water.

All ingredients been added and it's time to have fun. Have everyone standing at the table and toss the Yee Sang into the air with chopsticks while saying various 'auspicious wishes' out loud. It is believed that the height of the toss reflects the height of the diner's growth in fortunes, thus the diners are expected to toss enthusiastically.


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