Monday, September 28, 2009


My another bento lunch for my little boy. I was making this on Sunday afternoon since my son had completed doing all his reading on 4 story books.

And so I told him that I'm going to reward him a special lunch in his favorite bento/lunch boxes.

This bento/lunch box I cooked a fried noodles with peas and carrots topping with 2 little cute hotdog squids.

And this bento/lunch box I created a boiled egg and put it in a bear egg mould with a little penguin bottle of sweet soy sauce, some little but very sweet grapes in the cute food picks and some shrimp crackers with a container of sweet chili sauce.



Love your creations!!! So yummy! I make bento lunches for me everyday...but not as pretty as you make them!

Anncoo said...

This is very pretty bento. Hope I can do it like yours :)

Kim said...

Hey I think this is really very cute but special lunch you had.I like that you are enjoying with your son.Thank you very much for sharing your moments with us.